About the SilverMark

The SilverMark has been designed to create a distinctive visual brand that represents the uniqueness of SILVER. The SilverMark consists of two elements in a fixed relationship – the word “SILVER” and a specially created graphic element emblematic of the hallmarked quality of SILVER. Together, these elements comprise the SilverMark.

The mark is used in all Silver Promotion Service communications and by all designers and manufacturers selected to be part of the Savor Silver program. The success and strength of the SILVER brand is dependent on a consistent and appropriate use of The SilverMark across all printed communications and advertising materials relating to silver.

At point-of-sale, an acrylic version of the SilverMark can be utilized by retailers to identify their silver jewelry in display cases and windows. Industry feedback indicates that doing so is well received by consumers and eliminates their need to ask the sales associate, ‘Is that silver?’.

The SPS is offering retailers its “Savor Silver Business Builder” tools to support the sell-through of silver jewelry. For more information on the SPS retailer materials and sales associate training program please visit http://savorsilverretailconnection.com/default.html