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Silver Savvy

Silver is one of the noble metals,a short list that also includes gold and platinum. In its pure state, also called fine silver. It is soft and malleable, so scientists and silversmiths have developed alloys that make it stronger and more durable.

Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. While other metals can be used, copper has proven to be the best additive, adding the necessary strength without affecting the cool, elegant color of silver.

Patina is the soft, warm glow that appears on the surface of well-used sterling silver. Even highly polished silver objects develop this deeper beauty over time, and it is one of the reasons that old silver is highly prized among connoisseurs. However, if a bright polish is preferred, a jeweler can restore silver to its original appearance.

Is it real? To be absolutely sure, look for a stamp reading “sterling silver” or the .925 mark, which indicates the percentage of pure silver in the piece. This should be accompanied by the maker’s name or registered trademark.

Silver for the home. This versatile metal, while perfect for jewelry, also conveys an impression of luxury and quality in tableware and hollowware for beautiful tables, beautiful homes.


The Joy of Silver Jewelry

Since the dawn of time, the mystique and splendor of silver has captivated our minds and inspired our imaginations. Through the ages, this brilliant white metal has been used to commemorate historic milestones and mark the most important achievements, events and special occasions in our lives.

 As one of the brightest stars of the jewelry world today, silver offers an almost limitless array of styles, designs and prices. Silver’s unique blend of characteristics make it the perfect metal for creating quality jewelry that is both timely and timeless.

 Designers revel in silver’s ability to be crafted into virtually any creation imaginable. Silver provides the designer a limitless canvas to compose lavish and intricate works of jewelry art. Manufacturers appreciate the ease in which silver can be worked, leveraging silver’s malleability and ductility as they turn the designer’s dreams into reality. Fine jewelry retailers have welcomed silver with open arms, and as the availability of new styles, brands, qualities and price ranges has increased rapidly, consumers now enjoy a virtually limitless range of choices and options.

Captivating the modern and discerning shopper, silver jewelry provides the perfect balance of art, beauty, style and value.  With looks ranging from bold to delicate, blazingly bright to softly textured, silver jewelry offers more possibilities than any other precious metal. As a must-have for every jewelry wardrobe, no other precious metal can compare to the combination of affordability and beauty found in silver jewelry. Given its fashion and value focus, silver jewelry can be mixed and matched by the wearer to create an individual sense of style – a unique personal signature – a signature written in silver.


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