Buying Silver Jewelry

Buying Silver Jewelry

Consider building your silver jewelry wardrobe the same way to put together your clothing wardrobe – start with a few high-quality basics that are in tune with your style and personality and add additional pieces as opportunities arise. While you’ll probably want your first few pieces to be more classic and versatile, consider adding pieces the offer a fashion-flare, versatility, and bold design. And if you are looking for color, you’ll discover a wide assortment of silver jewelry set with diamonds and every color of gemstone imaginable.

 At a fraction of the cost of gold or platinum, yet offering all the advantages and panache of a precious metal, silver jewelry falls well within almost any budget. Whether looking for a bold all-silver statement piece or a design set with colored gems and diamonds, a wide selection of silver jewelry is available.  Silver jewelry offers a fine jewelry alternative to fashion and costume jewelry at a comparable price. Yet silver jewelry provides something that fashion and costume jewelry can’t – an enduring quality, beauty and lasting value only found in a precious metal.

 Keep in mind that the true value of a piece of silver jewelry is based on three separate but related things: the purity and weight of the silver, style and design, and the quality of the craftsmanship. Be sure to consider all three when making a buying decision.  Each piece of silver jewelry is unique, and if cared for properly, can last for generations.

The Issue of Quality

Be sure to look for quality marks and trademarks on all the silver jewelry you purchase. These markings provide important details about the quality of the metal and its maker. Ask your professional jeweler to explain these marking in more detail. Also look for quality construction. Pay special attention to joints, seams, fasteners and clasps. Joints and seams should be clean and neat with no cracks or signs of extra metal or solder. Make sure all the fasteners and clasps operate smoothly and lock securely. Surfaces should be free from pits, cracks and discoloration. Chains should lay flat without kinking, and individual links should be uniform with an ease of motion between each link. If you have any questions about the quality of a piece of silver jewelry you are considering, share them with your professional jeweler before you make a purchase.

A Sense of Unmatched Style

You’ll discover silver jewelry in a wide array of styles, sizes, looks and price ranges. The combinations of these features make silver jewelry the perfect choice for both gift giving and self-expression. Charms and pendants representing interests, life-style, hobbies or beliefs are the perfect choice for communicating the inner “You”. Versatile necklaces and chains can be layered for a unique look and worn with virtually every wardrobe combination. Don’t hesitate to try something new – a large pair of silver hoop earrings or fabulous stackable rings.

Consider one-of-a-kind and hand-made pieces.  With the amazing affordability of silver jewelry, and it’s popularity among jewelry designers, owning an original work of jewelry art may very well be within your budget. There’s no better way to express your individual sense of style than with a piece of silver jewelry uniquely yours and yours alone.

 As you shop for your silver jewelry, remember that every time you try on a piece, you are communing with an important part of history. The story of silver begins with the world’s most ancient civilizations and is tightly woven into the fabric of cultures around the globe.  To this day, silver remains a symbol of wealth, prosperity and status, representing all values we hold dear. This is the silver story – a story that continues with you as the proud owner and wearer of a fabulous silver jewelry creation.