Thistle & Bee

Thistle & Bee is widely recognized as a luxury designer brand – offering unique, clean and elegantly executed jewelry in sterling silver. Drawing on years of expertise in the design and manufacture of luxury sterling silver, the Thistle & Bee focus is on creating timely and timeless designs.

With a continued emphasis on fine craftsmanship- the design team at Thistle & Bee recognizes the inherent beauty in sterling silver and work together to create unique collections in textures and styles that give beauty a form that is eminently wearable and uniquely Thistle & Bee. They continually explore new design concepts and materials to expand the Thistle & Bee offering.

Inspiration for their Thistle & Bee designs are far-reaching – and often result from world travels, current fashion trends, intricate patterns and textures, or even from antiquities happened upon in Marches aux Puces in Paris. In each case, Thistle & Bee carefully translates the finest and most intricate details into an enduring and wearable design statement in sterling silver. Prime examples are the soft, irregular texture of a piece of burlap fabric or the puffy quilted coat with intricate stitching – each detailed in their signature Burlap and Quilted Quatrefoil designs. Each collection pairs an intricate texture with high polish elements that are signature Thistle & Bee.

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