Samuel B. Collection

Award winning designer Samuel Behnam brings more than 30 years of art and jewelry experience to his silver collections and The Samuel B. Collection.

His Artisan crafted silver collections are about bringing the best of Balinese and Thai craftsmanship to his followers. His focus is on quality, craftsmanship and innovation in design while using centuries old techniques and timeless classic elements of designs. He prides hims.elf for “Creating a unique balance of Old & New”, as well as providing his customers with  “An intricate, exotic hand crafted work of art with all genuine stone and precious metal”.

At his workshop in Bali, Samuel Behnam controls every aspect of the jewelry crafting process. He truly wants to create timeless classic designs that will become a family heirloom.  “Jewelry is not only about style, it’s also about life, from the everyday magical moment… to the Special ones”.

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