LJD Designs

Innovative jewelry designers are expert at infusing hints of their personal experience into all they create. It is nowhere more evident than with the inspired items turned out by jewelry designer Laura Jackowski-Dickson. Her youth spent in some of the worlds’ most enviable and exotic locales is the stuff that formed her distinct sensibilities for beauty.

Whether expressed through interior design, fashion, costume, textile, adornment and now fine jewels, she has yet to exhaust her full inspired creativity. After studying jewelry design in New York, Laura received her Graduate Gemologist degree from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2009. Superb quality gemstones, pearls, her work with silver and rare metals formed Laura’s premiere fine jewelry piece, a cuff bracelet named Torn Between which received a 2011 AGTA Spectrum Award. Ever inspired for fine jewelry design, Laura is poised to launch Torn Between as a sumptuous fine jewelry collection.

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