Leticia Llera

Leticia Llera translates modern jewelry into a language that summarizes her passion for the duality that coexists in gold and silver, praising Mexican culture and transforming those metals into unique pieces of wearable art.

Leticia grew up within an artistic, creative and innovative environment, rejecting the reproduction of other´s style and always pursuing her own creative vision. This combined her two greatest virtues: her sense of observation and her passion for investigation.

Her work is diverse in design, technique and style with incorporating shell, wood, stone, ceramic, seeds and other materials of her country, México. She has developed her own silversmithing methods, creating a unique visual and tactile quality in her pieces.

“…I want each piece to be original, full of movement, delicate and, at the same time comfortable when molding to the body of whoever wears it, allowing them both to be appealing”.

Her work has been recognized with numerous awards in Mexico.

“I have shown my soul through art and this experience has taken me to transform metal into an idea worth silver and gold”.

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