Frederic Duclos

Award winning sterling jewelry designer Frederic Duclos is straightforward in his namesake offering: “Generationless jewelry for Today’s Women.” With a broad range of the finest materials to incorporate into his collections, Frederic’s compositions appeal to a spectrum of individual tastes.

This family owned jewelry studio was founded in 1984, and his eponymous brand evolved in 1992.

Writes Frederic, “The stunning coastline of Huntington Beach is a natural inspiration. I always design jewelry with the wearer in mind, and create pieces that are enjoyable. I am thrilled that my contemporary designs have been so well received by women across the United States and abroad. As a precious metal designer, I am privileged to be able to work with silver as my metal of choice. It is one of the most unpretentious metals to wear, and the versatility of it being both precious, yet affordable, allows me to design large fashion elements. I will continue to strive to create timeless, wearable pieces that transition seamlessly from day to evening.”

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