Daniel Espinosa

There are few artists that take the necessary risks to take their art to the rest of the world; Daniel Espinosa had the courage to be one of them.

Since 1989, he launched his career, breaking schemes since the very beginning, with the single goal in mind of becoming the trendiest jewelry designer of Latin America.

The perfect combination of Mexican Silver and innovative design, gave this avant-garde rebel his starting point. Daniel Espinosa, a young and creative Mexican has achieved to transform the paradigm that jewelry is more than accessories, it is a statement, a work of art, and most important, a physical witness of the designer’s hometown heritage: Mexican silver.

All of Daniel Espinosa creations are a pure reflection of his Latin Tradition. His Hometown Taxco, Guerrero is the main silver manufacturing town and along with a large family tradition of silver manufacturing, Daniel had silver design in his blood since the very beginning. Altogether with his European education enriched with studies of Art in Florence, fashion in Holland and International Marketing in New York, gave him the necessary vision to create fascinating pieces inspired in a global scheme.

Having a Daniel Espinosa Jewel not only means owning a beautiful design, it represents a tangible proof that hard work, quality and passion can take your heritage everywhere if you really believe in it.


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