Carolyn Pollack

Carolyn Pollack’s sterling jewelry is known for its substantial feel, exquisite textures and details. Among her designer silver jewelry collections are a mix of oxidized and highly polished designs, feminine filigree and contemporary sculptural silhouettes. Renowned for her use of unexpected color combinations and colorful natural gemstones, Carolyn draws upon trends in color and fashion to provide collectors with silver jewelry styles that are bold, sophisticated and unique.

Carolyn is inspired by the women who wear her jewelry, their creativity, optimism and individuality and she channels these influences into designs that are both fresh and timeless. Beautiful and wearable, her jewelry collections capture the elegance and vitality of the modern woman.

Silver has always been Carolyn’s ideal medium for embodying this elegance and wearability, and in her two decades as a jewelry designer she has continually sought to elevate her designs and craftsmanship and bring the artistry of silver to spirited women around the world.

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