Belle Etoile

Belle Étoile, French for “beautiful star”, takes inspiration from the modern woman. At Belle Étoile, we create exquisite and luxuriously bold jewelry that delights the imagination, heart, and soul. Our goal is to provide every woman the opportunity to express herself to her fullest potential. By designing in fine sterling silver, we are able to give women everywhere the power and confidence of choice as well as the advantage of attainability.

Belle Étoile offers a jewel box full of looks, styles, and colors, perfect for every occasion. Recognized by the jewelry industry for its multiple award-winning designs and unparalleled customer service, Belle Étoile continuously strives to redefine fine fashion jewelry.

Our design process is a journey. Each piece follows an unparalleled path, giving it that exceptional hand-finished craftsmanship that is so uniquely Belle Étoile. Working with rich sterling silver and unique materials, Belle Étoile artisans expertly create designs of the highest quality, empowering women everywhere to shine like the stars they are.

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